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World’s Biggest’ Particle Accelerator To Be 32km Long


Scientists discover speed limit for quantum particles.

electromagnetic field 




The integral form of Maxwell’s equations etched in concrete on the side of the Warsaw University Library. (which make this library utterly badass).
Together these equations showed that electricity, magnetism and light are all 3 aspects of the same single phenomenon known as electromagnetism. Using these equations the existence of electromagnetic waves was predicted long before the discovery of them, and even more amazingly light itself was shown to be an electromagnetic wave traveling through space.
Radio technology, wireless communication, the understanding of what light is, all began with those equations. 

We are living in a #holographic #matrix. Thought (#Iam)  #materializes #reality on this #planet as #vibrating light (#hologram) is brought in through an #electromagnetic #frequency (vibration/sound). Thus what we ‘see or #think’ of as a #solid reality is a hologram created through ‘thought’, ‘#light’ and ‘#sound’. #Everything in this #material #world is here because our ‘Higher Light Frequency of #Self’ has called them into being. Just like in a #videogame the next frame of graphics appears as the characters on the screen need them too. We are a ‘#Collective #Consciousness of Everything Created’. Our particles #instantaneously #communicate with one another regardless of distance. Whether we are ten feet or ten billion miles apart, somehow each particle ‘always’ seem to know what the other is doing. All information is possessed by the ‘Whole’ and although we ‘think’ we are separate from this whole we are not. #Separation is an illusion - this ‘whole’ or ‘All that is’ #CANNOT be separated. We are the #SIMS. We are a part of a #fractal of light that makes up this entire 3rd dimension and this #HolographicUniverse. Your #consciousness wave function collapses #electromagnetic energy into digitized quantified digital bits of information we call matter. #QuantumPhysics #QuantumMechanics #4biddenknowledge


Once again I decided to have fun with photoshop! :)



This chemical is a fluorophorecontaining many aromatic groups and having the ability to absorb light and re-emit a new photon (fluorescence). There are other types of fluorescence that allow re-emission of light at higher energies or even the same energy but in this case the re-emitted light is at a lower energy. Because it is under a UV light, it absorbs the UV and the light that it re-emits will be visible to human eyes. Sadly, what we can see is only a very narrow band of the spectrum, still pretty awesome!